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The material on this site is all concerned with the life and teachings of Pythagoras, but more specifically it is related to the book Divine Harmony, which is shown below and described on this page.

Divine Harmony book cover

Divine Harmony

The life and teachings of Pythagoras

John Strohmeier of Berkeley, CA and
A. Peter Westbrook of Aspen Hill, MD

Pythagoras, the sixth century BC Greek scientist and mystic, has long been recognized as a seminal figure in western thought, a teacher "whose influence on the ideas, and thereby on the destiny, of the human race was probably greater than that of any single man before or after him." But until now, no accessible biographical study of him has been available for general readers.
Drawing upon the most authoritative sources available—the writings of Pythagoras' disciples—Divine Harmony describes his wanderings in ancient Phoenicia, Egypt, Babylon, and the Greek islands, and the heart of Pythagorean ideas as taught at his scholarly community in Southern Italy. Strohmeier, a classical scholar, and Westbrook, a historian of music and Sacred Science, present a portrait of a man whose ideas are as powerful in our own time as they were two and a half millennia ago.

  • Describes the travels of Pythagoras from the schools of ancient Greece to the hermitages of Phoenicia and the temples of Egypt and Babylon
  • Emphasizes Pythagoras' teachings in areas of contemporary concern: community, spirituality, health, meditation and humanity’s relationship to nature
  • Explores the convergence of science and spirituality at the origins of western thought
  • Accessible presentation of Pythagorean sciences: harmony, astronomy and mathematics
  • Co-authored by a classical scholar and an internationally prominent writer and lecturer on the Sacred Sciences of India and the ancient Middle East
  • Illustrated with beautiful Medieval and Renaissance woodcuts
  • Includes complete translation of The Golden Verses, original aphorisms of Pythagoras
  • Extensive bibliography showing the sources and influence of Pythagorean thought.